Sydney Sweeney Poses for AP’s Breakthrough Entertainers of 2021

Sydney Sweeney looked gorgeous as she posed in a seductive black business suit in the AP’s Breakthrough Entertainers of 2021 photoshoot. As she posed, the actress gave an interview for The Associated Press. To reunite her family, Sweeney vowed to buy her parents a house when turn 18. Despite her success, none of Sweeney’s success surprises “The Voyeurs” director Michael Mohan, one of the first people in Hollywood to give her a chance to act in the Netflix series “Everything Sucks.” A lot happened to me to get here where I am now, so it’s kind of like a bittersweet thing in that my dream is coming true, Sweeney said. She has appeared in hit shows like “Euphoria,” “Sharp Objects” and “Handmaid’s Tale.”

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