Sydney Sweeney Looks Like Wednesday Addams at the “Euphoria” FYC Event

Sydney Sweeney copied the look of Wednesday Addams for the “Euphoria” FYC event on Sunday in Los Angeles. She was dressed entirely in Thom Browne for the occasion. Sweeney wore a black dress underneath a blazer with a tri-color design on the sleeve hem. She also wore a white collared shirt with a black bowtie in the middle underneath her dress. Black knee-high socks with four white stripes on the calf made up the rest of her attire. Sweeney wore shiny mary jane platform pumps to complete her ultra-preppy ensemble. Sweeney adopted a sweet makeup style with rosy blush, matte pink lipstick, and wispy lashes. She had black manicured nails, which gave her preppy appearance a touch of edge. Two gold-colored hair clips were placed on either side of her hair to finish off the hairstyle. She accessorized with a glistening ring, a pair of stud earrings, and a chain bag shaped like a dog. At the “Euphoria” FYC event, Zendaya, Maude Apatow, and Hunter Schaefer joined Sydney Sweeney. The program’s fifth episode from season two was screened at the occasion, and there was also a Q&A. As the show’s third season begins, all four actresses are returning to reprise their roles, so the cast discussed their character paths.

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