Selena Gomez Covers the December 2021 Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine

The singer has revealed that she is starting her own mental health company, WonderMind, with her mother and best friend. Selena Gomez shared the news in an interview for the December 2021 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. Her company will be a media platform, including a podcast network focusing on mental health, including her own. Her mother, Hollywood producer Mandy Teefey, and friend Daniella Pierson joined her for the interview, and Gomez talked about the purpose of creating the company. Teefey, Selena’s mother, who oversees the platform’s creative content, agreed with her daughter’s views on the importance of educating others about mental health issues and supporting those in need. Daniella Pierson is the founder and CEO of The Newsette and co-CEO of the WonderMind company. During the photoshoot, Selena, Mandy, and Daniella looked beautiful and chic at the same time. Selena and her mother Mandy opted for an all-black look. The singer wore a tight black turtleneck that she paired with pants and boots of the same color, while her mother also wore a turtleneck with short sleeves paired with a chic black leather skirt. Selena’s friend opted for a more attractive look wearing a white shirt tucked in a black mini skirt with a big belt gold buckle and knee-high boots.

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