Paris Hilton Rocks a Rainbow Jacket while Shopping in Beverly Hills

Paris Hilton explains her Utah boarding school life as “Living in Hell” in her new documentary, “This Is Paris.” In a new documentary video about her life, This Is Paris was initially supposed to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival but is now debuting on YouTube on September 14, 2020.

She wore a rainbow zip-up jacket and the plain white t-shirt beneath with skinny denim jeans. Paris carried a silver backpack over her shoulder that has covered in a similar rainbow stripe pattern. She donned a pair of stylish oversized sunglasses. Paris, who opted to go without a face mask, smiles as she walks down the sidewalk in black lace-up heels.

Paris Hilton about her documentary, “This Is Paris,” which delves into her traumatic happening at Provo Canyon School, a Utah based boarding school for anxious teens and psychiatric medication center where she once spent 11 months. Hilton tells Kaplan that attending Provo Canyon was “just like living in hell,” and claims teachers and administrators emotionally, verbally, and physically abused her. In the documentary, Hilton remembers getting taken from her bed as though she was being kidnapped her first night at the school, regularly served mystery pills that she refused to take, and got sent to isolation detention for 20 hours without clothing.

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