Paris Hilton Riding Her Pink Bike In Beverly Hills

The great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton, looks attractive as she enjoys a bike ride with her lovable dog, Princess Paris Jr, in Beverly Hills, CA. Paris Hilton has seen in a white t-shirt with a pink leather cropped jacket paired with skinny blue jeans. The actress combined jeans with silver high heel boots and matched a pink purse to her outfit. She finished her style accessorizing with white vintage cat-eye sunglasses, a pair of diamond earrings, and a watch. She carries her bellowed pink dog in a front bike basket as they were cruising around the neighborhood.


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1 thought on “Paris Hilton Riding Her Pink Bike In Beverly Hills”

  1. Isn’t she 40 years old? Why is she still dressing like she’s in high-school with “like, omg, like, so cute, like” kind of clothes?



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