Karlie Kloss Returns as a Brunette After Ten Years of Modeling as a Blonde

Karlie Kloss was unrecognizable at first sight, and everyone freaked out when she walked through New York on Wednesday, January 19, with an entirely unexpected new hair color. Karlie debuted with light brown hair after dyed her hair blonde for more than ten years. Yes, Karlie Kloss is a natural brunette. The model turned the streets of New York into her catwalk when she modeled a flawless winter style wearing a long patterned brown puffer jacket and matching mini skirt with a small slit, warm brown turtleneck sweater, black stockings, and leather structured knee-high boots. Kloss wore her brunette hair with a parting in the middle, loose and slightly curled. Karlie Elizabeth Kloss complemented her look with discreet gold earrings.

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