Jennifer Aniston Poses for Purist Magazine August/September 2022 Issue

Jennifer Aniston poses for the cover of the Purist Magazine August / September 2022 Issue called “Jennifer Aniston On Top.” During the photo session, the founder of Purist Magazine, Cristina Cuomo, interviewed a beautiful actress. Just Go With It actress wore several outfits and hairstyles while posing for the magazine’s photo shoot, which was held at a few different locations. In the interview, Aniston talks about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. She also talks about what she needs to stay healthy and how vital humor really is to a healthy life. As a naturally talented, down-to-earth person and an incredibly likable actress, Jennifer Aniston has dedicated her talents to creating a cruelty-free hair care line called LolaVie. She also took on the challenges of being the creative force behind Vital Proteins, and she took on a much wider range of roles there as well.

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