Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm in a Porsche on the set of “The Morning Show”

On Monday, Jennifer Aniston offers Jon Hamm a ride in her Porsche while they are in New York City filming scenes for the new season of The Morning Show. The two performers were spotted in a small crowd on a side street in New York City as they started shooting for the new Apple TV+ series. If you did not know, Jon Hamm is a new member of the third season’s cast. In the show, he will play Paul Marks, a “business tycoon who sets his sights on UBA, drawing Cory (Billy Crudup), Alex (Jennifer Aniston), and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) under his influence.” Reese Witherspoon recently described Jon’s character as being very complex. Tig Notaro and Julianne Margulies will also appear in the popular show in the third season.

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