Gillian Anderson Gracing the Front Cover of Harper’s Bazaar 2020

Gillian Anderson had insisted she had “clear boundaries” with her partner Peter Morgan when they worked together on series four of The Crown. The actress stars as Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming series, while her other half, Peter Morgan, is the Netflix show’s creator and writer. Gracing the front page of Harper’s Bazaar, the actress told the publication: “Peter and I have clear boundaries, so I am not going to comment on the script, but also he is not allowed to comment on performance!” When it came to playing a controversial figure like Margaret Thatcher, Gillian Anderson said she did not let her opinions of the former prime minister’s policies impact her portrayal. Gillian said: “I had to get to a point where it is nothing to do with my opinions of her policies, of her actions. It is only about her as a person being and her motivation as a politician and mother.” Gillian added that she did not struggle to go in and out of character while on set.” Despite playing a politician on camera, she does not think it is her place to comment on political matters openly. She said: “I feel like I have an opportunity as somebody in the public eye to draw attention to things, but I do not comment, I do not offer my opinion on social media, because it is not my business. I am an actor; I am not a social worker; I am not a politician.”

In the fourth season, Olivia Colman returns in the lead role of Elizabeth II, set to premiere on Netflix on November 15. The upcoming series trailer revealed Princess Diana’s turbulent marriage to Prince Charles as turmoil and tragedy await the royal family. The preview highlights the early days of the couple’s romance leading to their famous wedding, as their relationship takes a drastic turn. The trailer starts with a glimpse of a young and cheerful Diana (Emma Corrin) being brought to face the Her Majesty The Queen, as she and Charles’ (Josh O’Connor) relationship begins to blossom. As they enjoy a romantic dance, the trailer then cuts to the introduction of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), preparing to step out following her election as the UK’s first female Prime Minister. It has been thought that Thatcher had numerous disagreements with the Queen about the country’s running, and especially the UK’s involvement in the Falklands war. The tension grows even more apparent as Margaret kneels to The Queen, hinting at the conflicting powers between them.

The Crown Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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