Gillian Anderson Appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to Promote “The First Lady”

Gillian Anderson looked like a dream while guesting on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote her Showtime series “The First Lady,” where she stars along with Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, and Viola Davis. The X-Files star was a vision of natural beauty in a striking black strapless dress that revealed her toned legs and black heels. During a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Gillian mentioned that she met Bill Clinton when he was running for president and recalled their “intimate” handshake and talked about that little more through laughter. She tied her blonde hair into a small bun and left a few strands to frame her face while wearing a neutral makeup palette emphasizing her natural age-defying beauty. The actress wore beautiful gold Cartier earrings and was exceptionally smiling and cheerful during the popular show.

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