Gigi Hadid Enjoyed a Sunny Day in NY with her Sister Bella and Mom Yolanda

Gigi Hadid enjoyed sunny New York with her sister Bella Hadid and their mother, Yolanda Hadid. Gigi looked terrific in a colorful Ralph Lauren ensemble that showed her slender legs in shorts. Currently, one of the most popular models wears a long-sleeved polo shirt that matches her shorts. The founder and creator of the clothing line “Guest In Residence” complemented her casual outfit with a backpack embroidered with her daughter’s name in pink. Gigi shares Khai with her ex Zayn Malik, with whom she split up because he was allegedly abusive towards her mother, Yolanda. She tied her golden hair up in a high bun and was overwhelmed with emotion as she watched her mother and sister play with little Khai outside the cafe. Gigi Hadid highlighted her long-toned legs with brown Birkenston sandals while rounding off her look with a chunky gold necklace. As our source said, Gigi and Zayn hang out regularly and have built a successful co-parenting relationship. They don’t live together, but Zayn visits Gigi and Khai when her mother, Yolanda Hadid, is not around.

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