Bella Hadid is Going Out of NYC Just Weeks Before she is Due to Become an Aunt

The supermodel in-demand Bella Hadid was leaving her apartment in New York City as she headed to a local heliport to take off on the well deserved holiday weekend. Bella worked in the city on various modeling projects and seemed excited to run away somewhere on a long weekend. The model wore leaf pattern green sleeveless tank top and baggy white jeans with white sneakers. As she arrived at the heliport, Bella Hadid has seen holding her Louis Vuitton travel bag before making a quick escape. The model also flashed a hint of her midriff as she wore a small brown shoulder purse. Bella Hadid sported lightly tinted sunglasses and a white face mask as she decorated her outfit with sparkling gold jewelry and classic hoop earrings.

Weekend away! Bella made sure to travel safely, as she brought her spray bottle of hand sanitizer with her for the trip. She looked confident as she went from one luxury ride to another, jumping in the back of a Porsche SUV as she traveled in style to the heliport.

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