Gal Gadot Spotted Rocking a Fabulous Casual Look Outside The Bowery Hotel

Guess who was spotted leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York, looking fabulous in a fashion-forward ensemble that showcases the ultimate spring layering technique? It’s none other than the talented and stylish Gal Gadot! Her outfit is an absolute delight, featuring multiple layers that create a chic and trendy aesthetic. Let’s break it down and take some style inspiration from this amazing look!

To kick things off, Gal paired a vibrant green jacket with a cool denim jacket, instantly creating an intriguing contrast between the two distinct textures. But she didn’t stop there! To inject a burst of color into the outfit, she added a playful blue-striped sweater that serves as a refreshing break from the usual neutral tones. Gal’s attention to detail is commendable, as she effortlessly complements her face shape with a pair of aviator sunglasses that bring an edgy vibe to the overall ensemble.

For the bottom half, Gal Gadot opts for a timeless classic: black pants. These versatile staples not only add a touch of sophistication but also serve as the perfect anchor for the entire outfit, bringing everything together in a seamless manner. To keep things casual yet stylish, Gal completes the look with a pair of suede sneakers. And not just any sneakers, mind you! She chose the Navy Gum Adidas Handball Spezial, a retro-inspired design that exudes a sense of flair and fashion-forwardness.

Let’s dive into the details of these fabulous sneakers. The Navy Gum Adidas Handball Spezial features a captivating nubuck suede upper in a stunning navy, sky blue, white, and gum color scheme. Sporting various Adidas branding details, such as the iconic 3-Stripes on the sides and the elegant “Spezial” Trefoil logo in gold foil on the lateral side, these sneakers are a true testament to the brand’s timeless style. And let’s not forget about the branding on the tongue, adding that extra touch of authenticity.

When it comes to comfort, these sneakers don’t disappoint. The lace-up closure system boasts navy blue laces that perfectly align with the overall theme of the shoe. Inside, you’ll find a branded OrthoLite insole that provides heavenly comfort and support, ensuring a pleasant experience for your feet. To complete the vintage-inspired look, the gum rubber outsole adds that final touch of retro charm that’s hard to resist.

In case you were wondering, the Navy Gum Adidas Handball Spezial made its debut on August 26, 2020, and retailed for $100. So if you’re looking to channel Gal Gadot’s style and elevate your sneaker game with a dash of retro elegance, these sneakers are definitely worth considering. It’s time to take a page from Gal’s fashion playbook and perfect the art of spring layering. Let’s bring on the layers and embrace the joy of fashion!

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