Emma Roberts Turns Heads in Crimson Cropped Polo Top and Maxi Skirt

Emma Roberts graced the Hamptons with a captivating crimson ensemble. The acclaimed “Scream Queens” actress attended an exclusive soirée hosted by Ralph Lauren, Net-a-Porter, and Mr Porter in East Hampton, New York, last Thursday.

For this occasion, Roberts donned an exquisite cherry red cropped polo top from Ralph Lauren, artfully matched with a corresponding maxi skirt. Both pieces are part of the esteemed Ralph Lauren Collection and were deftly styled by the talented duo, Brit and Kara.

To complement her ensemble, Roberts carried an elegant black leather top handle bag from the renowned American brand, adorned with silver hardware. Additionally, she adorned herself with tasteful hoop earrings and a modest yet sophisticated ring.

Her choice of footwear remained concealed by the lengthy train of her skirt, though it is probable that she opted for chic summery sandal heels.

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