Emma Roberts Stars in Saks Fifth Avenue Spring 2023 Campaign

Emma Roberts Shines in Saks Fifth Avenue’s Spring 2023 Campaign

Spring is in the air, and so is the buzz surrounding Saks Fifth Avenue’s latest campaign. Actress Emma Roberts takes center stage as the face of Saks Fifth Avenue’s Spring 2023 campaign. The campaign’s theme is all about embracing individuality, self-expression, and sophistication, and who better to embody that spirit than Emma Roberts? The talented Ukrainian-American photographer Sasha Samsonova shot the campaign at the iconic Hearst House in Los Angeles, where Emma Roberts models the season’s must-have looks with her signature poise and grace.

In the campaign, Emma dons a Brandon Maxwell sparkling sequin strapless dress, a perfectly coordinated floral set by Christopher John Rogers, and statement-making platform sandals by Prada. Brit Elkin and Kara Smith, the campaign’s dynamic styling duo, add their flair to the mix, creating an impressive combination of bold, contemporary styles that embody the essence of self-expression. The campaign encourages customers to celebrate their unique selves by dressing boldly and confidently, and the photos inspire that through the use of bold colors, rich saturations, and surrealistic lenses that stimulate the imagination.

Saks Fifth Avenue’s Spring 2023 campaign is an ode to fashion’s power to express individuality and unique style. Emma Roberts epitomizes this spirit through her effortless, glamorous poses and her ability to blend season’s top pieces and accessories seamlessly. With the spirit of spring and the inspiration to express oneself, the campaign invites customers to create a wardrobe that speaks to their unique personalities, with the help of the most iconic and innovative fashion house in the world.

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