Elle Fanning in Stella McCartney Ensemble at Hollywood Stylists Dinner

Elle Fanning has done it again! The “Great” actress was a vision of style and sophistication at the Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists dinner in Hollywood. Fanning arrived at the event on Tuesday night, looking absolutely stunning in a deep gray Stella McCartney ensemble. The outfit consisted of a button-up vest in a light gray pinstripe pattern and a matching set of wide-leg trousers. The ensemble was a modern take on traditional tailoring and suiting, as it was worn without a shirt or blazer, which made it look even more sophisticated.

What really stood out about Fanning’s outfit was the way it was accessorized. The only pieces of jewelry that she wore were a gleaming gold watch and bracelets, which added just the right amount of bling to the outfit. Her footwear was equally impressive, as she finished off the look with a pair of sharp black heels. The smooth leather style featured triangular pointed toes, set atop thick platform soles. Although the heels were hidden beneath her trouser hems, they were likely completed with 6-inch heels to provide the “Girl from Plainville” star with a sky-high height boost. Overall, Fanning’s outfit was an absolute showstopper, and she definitely made a statement on the red carpet.

Dakota Fanning’s Gold Metallic Heels at the Stylists Dinner

Elle Fanning wasn’t the only Fanning sister turning heads at the Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists dinner. Dakota Fanning also made a stunning appearance, wearing a cutout leather Loewe dress with gold metallic heeled sandals. The sandals were the perfect complement to her dress, adding a touch of glamour to the already chic ensemble.

Dakota’s gold metallic heels were the perfect choice for the occasion, as they added a pop of color and sparkle to her outfit. The cutout design of the dress allowed the heels to be fully on display, showcasing their unique and eye-catching design. Dakota’s footwear also provided a subtle nod to the ‘90s fashion trend that has been making a comeback in recent years, as metallics were a popular choice of footwear during that era.

Overall, the Fanning sisters were a dynamic duo at the Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists dinner. Their outfits and footwear choices were the perfect complement to one another, showcasing their individual styles while also proving that they are both major fashion icons in their own right.

Elle Fanning Outfit:

  • Stella McCartney Cropped Wool Vest
  • Stella McCartney Pleated Wool Wide-Leg Pants

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