Elle Fanning Amazes on the Cover of L’OFFICIEL’s Winter 2021 issue

Elle Fanning looked fantastic as she posed for the USA edition of L’OFFICIEL‘s Winter 2021 issue. Her face has graced hundreds of covers, but she did a superb job in this photoshoot. The actress wore incredibly glamorous and chic outfits. Tony McNamara, the celebrated writer behind Hulu’s The Great, in which Fanning reprises her role as Catherine the Great, a fictionalized version of Russia’s 18th-century Empress, thinks that the reason she is so natural and professional is that she grew up on sets. And yes, she is powerful, great, and all those things, but she must learn how to deal with it in a way that would be productive.” That is, she must grow up, and Elle Fanning knows a thing or two about doing it gracefully.

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