Eiza Gonzalez Out in Los Angeles with Friend for Lunch

She was spotted out for a relaxed lunch out with a male friend in Los Angeles on Friday. The model was seen leaving upscale Japanese restaurant Sugarfish as she headed home to pick up her two cute dogs. She made her relationship with lacrosse pro Paul Rabil public earlier this month.

Eiza went into the weekend in a comfortable and casual look with a black crop top with glasses and a heart on her chest in pale pink letters. She tucked the top into a pair of low-waisted black skinny jeans that hugged her fit legs. She wore her brunette locks in thick waves behind her shoulders and was covered up with a blue baseball cap. She hid from the sun with a pair of chunky tortoiseshell sunglasses and completed the low-key ensemble in all black before slipping into a van with a black bag slung over her torso.

Eiza took off her dark green mask to chat with her friends before getting comfortable in loose-fitting jeans and a black tank top. Eiza, still masked, picked up her tiny dog on a leash with a rainbow-colored rope. She carried a bag of treats, which she gave to her dog.

Last week, she was spotted in New York City with her boyfriend, Paul, before returning to her usual West Coast home. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has slowed many actors down, but Eiza still makes a few films in 2020 and 2021.

Last year, she starred in Vin Diesel’s action thriller Bloodshot, which was published in the US before the pandemic. She was followed by Cut Throat City, directed by Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, and critically acclaimed black comic thriller Care A Lot, which premiered in September at the Virtual Toronto Film Festival and was released on Netflix in February. She continued her series with the comedy Love Spreads, which debuted earlier this month at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Eiza’s biggest film of the year, the blockbuster monster film Godzilla Kong, became one of the pandemic’s most successful hits, buoyed by a growing number of cinema reopenings and solid reviews. Last month, she shared a list of the highest-grossing stars of 2021 on Instagram, in which she was the only woman in the top five. The list calculates which films will hit cinemas sometime in 2021 and stretches back to 2019. “I remember feeling heard as a woman and inserting my ethnicity and all the stereotypes that came with not being a leader and people didn’t care, and there was no chance,” she said. This has debilitated me and made me believe in myself, which many people do not.

For me, this is a moment I never thought I would get. I’m so proud and apologize in advance, I know it’s a bit cheesy, but I just wanted to share it and say thank you. This applies to all the people who have made this possible. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not huge. But it is for the cause, for other people who take care of us, and for me, to take care of you.

Si se puede, ‘she concluded. Earlier this month, it was announced that she would star in a thriller called Wolf Country, in which she plays a young sheriff’s deputy in Colorado. Her house is turned upside down when she discovers that the sheriff, her father, is involved in a major drug trafficking operation. When he escapes arrest and flees to the countryside, she is forced to track him down.

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