Chrissy Teigen Sported a Cozy Look for Shopping in a Luxury Store RealReal

Chrissy Teigen had a great time shopping solo in West Hollywood on Wednesday, February 16th. Chrissy was dressed comfortably, choosing comfort instead of the style for which she is best known. The model was shopping at the luxury goods store The RealReal. John Legend’s wife looked incredible in a wide brown sweater paired with ripped jeans that she stylishly rolled up to accentuate her chic black slip-on sandals. The beautiful model tied her brown hair in a short ponytail and covered it with a black baseball cap. She perfectly applied a light make-up palette that gave her a natural and fresh look. Chrissy’s Court star had a black bag around her waist as she carried some energy drink and phone in her hand as she walked full of self-confidence towards her car.

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