The Walking Dead’ Actor Norman Reedus Sings the ABC Song With his Daughter

Norman’s partner Diane Kruger took to Instagram to share the cutest clip that captured an actor’s tender moment with his daughter on Thanksgiving. Norman Reedus was singing the ABC song with his precious daughter in a clip that his partner Diane posted to her Instagram profile on November 26, and it showed just how cool dad he is. The baby girl sings “F, G, H…” in the clip before her dad helped her out by continuing to sing “I, J…” The actor was sitting down on a table in his daughter’s playroom as the little gal stood in front of him in a cute blue polka-dot dress and red polka-dotted slippers. Her wavy blonde hair could also be seen as she slightly swayed to the music while singing with her famous dad.

The National Treasure star’s latest video is a genuine surprise considering they have been extremely private about their daughter’s life. Back in June, they were spotted spending an afternoon playing with her in their local park in Los Angeles, and it was such a lovely sight to see. A German actress Diane Kruger has been discreet about her relationship with The Walking Dead actor, who has a son from his prior relationship with Danish supermodel Helena Christensen. “I did not think I wanted children,” she said, but how time is passing by. “I thought, yes, I probably do want one,” she continued. “Then you have to wait for the right person,” Diane said. “I am glad I waited, Norman is so calm, and he teaches me a lot because he has done it before.”

The cutest family moment!!!

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