Sydney Sweeney Wowed Crowd in Very Low-cut Dress at People’s Choice Awards

Sydney Sweeney came out on the red carpet smiling and looking phenomenal at the 47th Ceremony of the People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica on Tuesday, December 7th. The actress wore a beautiful black strapless mini dress and a white bow tied over her torso, covering her shoulders and putting her big cleavage on full display. Sweeney wore a stunning black dress that ended in the middle of her thighs, perfectly accentuating her slender legs. She embellished her figure even more with the classic elegant black heels that gave her height. The beauty combed her long blonde hair to the left and styled it into large curls that gently fell over her shoulders. Spokane-born actress accentuated her lips with dark red lipstick and paired it with a red manicure. The Euphoria star has finished her red carpet look with a diamond necklace.

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