Sofia Vergara Debunks Plastic Surgery Rumors in Recent Interview

Sofia Vergara Debunks Plastic Surgery Rumors in Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Glamour, Sofia Vergara, the 51-year-old Modern Family actress, addressed accusations of plastic surgery and explained the changes in her appearance. Responding to comments suggesting she looks different, Sofia dismissed the notion that someone would undergo plastic surgery to look worse.

“Sometimes I read messages—I avoid reading comments because, for what? It’s usually people that are in a bad mood or depressed or jealous,” Sofia stated. “I read it and it’s like, ‘She has done so much stuff to herself that she doesn’t even look like her anymore.’ And I’m thinking, It’s not like you have plastic surgery to look worse than before, come on!”

She attributed the changes in her appearance to the natural process of aging, stating, “I always want to say, ‘No, it’s called aging! It’s called f–king I’m old! That’s why I look different!’”

Addressing the question of whether she undergoes skin treatments or injections, Sofia acknowledged engaging in some cosmetic procedures. “I do little things here and there,” she admitted. Due to her busy schedule, she emphasized the difficulty of having extended downtime for more extensive treatments. Sofia revealed her skincare routine includes micro-needling and laser treatments for capillaries due to her rosacea. Additionally, she disclosed regular use of Botox in her eyes and neck. Despite her willingness to try various procedures, Sofia stressed her limited downtime, expressing a desire to do more if her schedule allowed.

In summary, Sofia Vergara candidly addressed plastic surgery rumors, attributing changes in her appearance to the natural aging process. She acknowledged engaging in minor cosmetic procedures, emphasizing her preference for treatments with minimal downtime given her busy schedule.

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