Sharon Stone Reveals Her Sexual Harassment Experience in Town & Country Magazine

Sharon Stone is one of Hollywood’s most lasting and adaptable sex symbols. She has managed to navigate her way from bombshell status in 1992’s Basic Instinct to a fascinating role in the new Netflix series Ratched. The actress was happy to talk about her alluring public image for the October cover of Town & Country magazine. In the wide-ranging interview, the former model speaks about how she is still asked to take her clothes off, how she feels about that, and that time when a director sexually harassed her by insisting she sits on his lap.

Sharon did not reveal too many details about her sexual harassment story with an unnamed director who denied the magazine’s statement – but she frightened him well. Sharon Stone said: “He would tell me that I should sit on his lap to get direction for the scene, but when I told him that I was not going to do that, he would send me back to the trailer, and that is just the way it was.” The incident took place when she was “at the top of her earning power,” the magazine described. She reportedly made her most money for Basic Instinct 2 with over $13M. As for the audience and fans who still want a Stone to bare it all on screen, she admits she is confused but accepts a compliment.

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  1. I like the way she speaks her mind. She doesn’t try to manipulate the truth. She’s both fearless and refreshing. She’s had serious health challenges. Sharon Stone’s a living legend and a great mom.



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