Sarah Michelle Gellar Graces NewBeauty’s March 2023 Cover

Sarah Michelle Gellar exuded resplendence as she graced the cover of NewBeauty magazine’s March 2023 issue.

The esteemed 45-year-old actress, renowned for her iconic role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, showcased her enviable physique in a form-fitting Versace dress, skillfully capturing the essence of allure within the confines of a grand floor-to-ceiling window.

Another captivating shot featured the esteemed Cruel Intentions star donning a captivating ensemble, comprising a black mesh bra artfully juxtaposed with an unbuttoned beige blouse.

Complemented by off-white silk pants, Gellar emanated effervescence as she beamed radiantly for the camera.

The luminous blonde beauty, during the screening for Wolf Pack, effortlessly exuded charm while adorning a sheer, lace minidress.

Embracing a harmonious fusion of classic aesthetics with a touch of audacity, she exemplified versatility and adorned a bold, coral lip.

Delving into the interview, the Scooby-Doo luminary primarily expounded upon the intricacies of the aging process.

For this mesmerizing photoshoot, Gellar tastefully arranged her shoulder-length, lustrous blonde tresses into effortless beach waves, allowing her ensemble to command the limelight.

On the magazine’s captivating cover, she exquisitely sported an oversized white peplum top, harmoniously coupled with a matching miniskirt and elevated by platform heels.

In this contemplative pose, Gellar gazed outward, evoking a profound sense of introspection.

However, one cannot overlook her most striking appearance: an ebony, long-sleeved top, artfully adorned with a one-shoulder cutout, complemented by a pair of sleek black slacks.

Embracing understated elegance, the I Know What You Did Last Summer luminary opted for minimalist jewelry, save for zigzag earrings and a statement ring accentuating a white organically-shaped circle.

Exuding an ethereal aura in the portraits, the resplendent actress opted for a timeless makeup look, artfully enhancing her inherent youthful beauty while radiating an unparalleled glow.

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  1. She may be 45, married and a mother… whatever, but to me, she’s still Buffy the schoolgirl who battled vampires. Have the 20 years passed that fast?



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