Sarah Jessica Parker Looking Chic as she Works in her SJP Shoe Store

Sarah Jessica Parker followed the current celebrity trend and opened her designer shoe store in Midtown Manhattan, where she works. So, ladies, if you want to meet her, visit SJP Shoe Store in New York City’s W. 54th street. The Sex And the City star were stylishly dressed in all-black for her shift and wore a black cloth face mask as she waited for shoppers. Sarah Jessica Parker wore an ankle-length black dress with long sleeves and a low-cut v-neckline and black heels. Sarah, who started her footwear brand back in 2014, set up shop in what used to be the Manolo Blahnik store, which featured in her hit HBO series and where she used to go shopping for shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker confessed that she was “both thrilled and frightened” by the location’s history when she opened up. She said: “I have great memories in this building, in this store.” The actress said in an interview for the Hollywood Reporter: “While many celebrities left NYC when the pandemic hit, Sarah and her family – husband Matthew Broderick, son James, and twins Marion and Tabitha – have remained living in the Big Apple.” The star added: “I go to work, I go to the stores. I walk the streets. We go to our local grocery stores. We are just trying to keep contributing to the city.”

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