Sarah Hyland Steals the Show at Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala

On April 22, 2023, Sarah Hyland attended the Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala at Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California. The actress and philanthropist put on a dazzling display with her choice of outfit, which was a strapless, form-fitting pink dress. The gown featured a checkered pattern throughout the thicker material and was adorned with shimmering fabric details. Additionally, the dress had a thigh-high slit on the left side that added a dramatic flare to the ensemble.

Sarah Hyland’s brunette locks were parted in the middle and flowed down straight behind her, which complemented the dress’s elegance. To complete her look, the Modern Family star wore a pair of open-toed, pink heels that were secured with thin straps that wrapped up towards her ankles. She accessorized with a pair of dainty rhinestone earrings and bracelets on her left wrist. Hyland’s look at the Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala was truly stunning and showcased her ability to create an eye-catching outfit that exuded both elegance and sophistication.

Sarah Hyland’s Philanthropic Work

Beyond her talents as an actress and style icon, Sarah Hyland has also been a dedicated philanthropist. She is a committed supporter of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which provides services such as healthcare, housing, and education to the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, she has been actively involved in raising awareness for organ donation and the importance of healthcare access.

Hyland’s philanthropic work has included participating in fundraisers and charity events, such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala. She has also used her platform to advocate for important social issues, such as mental health awareness and body positivity. Through her activism and advocacy, Sarah Hyland has demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact in the world, and her presence at the Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala is just one example of how she uses her influence to support important causes.

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