Rihanna is Going to be a Mom and Just Showed Off her Growing Belly

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky shared their great joy with millions of fans on their Instagram profiles. They are expecting their first child; it was confirmed on Monday, January 31, when the proud future mom proudly shared the first pictures of her growing baby bump. Rihanna and the father of her unborn child were walking through the Harlem neighborhood in New York on Friday, January 28. Rihanna proudly showed her belly despite the low temperature and snow. She wore her dark hair loose and curly as she walked with A$AP Rocky, who casually wore a white t-shirt under a cream knitted hooded sweater paired with a winter denim jacket, black leather pants, and boots. Rihanna looked beautiful and shining in a long pink Chanel jacket that she wore open. The singer paired her jacket with very wide ripped jeans and pink heels. The expecting mother added a lot of jewelry over her baby bump, highlighting her growing belly. A$AP Rocky especially looked excited while kissing her on the forehead.

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