Miranda Kerr Channels Natural Glamour in KORA Organics’ Luminous Campaign

Beneath the warm glow of the sun, supermodel Miranda Kerr is the epitome of natural glamour in KORA Organics’ luminous new campaign. As founder and creative director of the organic beauty brand, Kerr’s commitment to holistic wellbeing shines through in this serene photoshoot.

Shot in an idyllic garden setting, Kerr embodies the KORA philosophy of radiance from within. Her skin glows with the brand’s iconic Noni Glow Face Oil, a synergistic blend of natural ingredients tailored to harmonize with her own energy. In another shot, Kerr cradles the nourishing Turmeric Brightening Mask, connecting us to the power of nature and balance.

Kerr’s breathable silk dress in earthy, sustainable tones perfectly complements the KORA aesthetic. Simple, elegant jewelry allows her inner light to shine. The makeup, featuring KORA’s organic line, is minimal, enhancing Kerr’s beauty with a soft natural glow.

The shoot captures elegant moments of contemplation, reminding us that true grace emerges when we nourish ourselves in alignment with nature. Kerr and KORA’s shared vision of authentic, holistic beauty shines through. We eagerly await the full campaign, a celebration of radiance that comes from within.

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