Miley Cyrus Stuns at Lollapalooza Chile in Metallic Blue Jumpsuit

Miley Cyrus made a splash at Lollapalooza Chile 2022 with her performance in a form-fitting PVC blue metallic jumpsuit that accentuated her figure. She paired the jumpsuit with black leather boots and gloves, and her bleach-blonde hair was parted straight down the middle. Throughout her set, she wore futuristic mirror sunglasses, later taking them off to engage more closely with the excited crowd.

She nailed the makeup, with cobalt blue eyeshadow decorated with glitter, along with faux lashes. She also carried a designer purse that matched her jumpsuit material and wore chunky earrings.

Cyrus commanded the stage with her mighty vocals and energetic performance. It was clear that she enjoyed the opportunity to connect with her fans in Chile. Miley surprised the audience by inviting rock star Billy Idol for a duet of his famous song “White Wedding,” which caused extreme excitement among the crowd. Her performance at Lollapalooza Chile was a big hit.

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