Miley Cyrus Covered in Fake Blood Leaves Her Video Shoot in Brooklyn

Miley Cyrus got covered in fake blood while shooting a mystery project in Brooklyn. Miley’s new video project includes Dua Lipa, who was seen on shooting with Miley Cyrus earlier this week. While at her shoot in Brooklyn, Miley was seen spattered with false blood from the chin down. The famous singer wore an outfit that included a tight black corset cinched over a sleeveless white top that was soaked with fake blood. She wore some accessories on the video shoot, including a stack of bracelets and a black top hat with a curved brim. Walking in sky-high black leather stilettos, Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter wore necklaces, including a big gold cross.

Miley Cyrus is spotted talking with crew members on her bus. The bus was parked on the street next to where a grunge set has been put up.

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