Margot Robbie Wears Vivienne Westwood Ensemble for “Barbie” Photocall

Margot Robbie, the renowned actress celebrated for her roles in “Suicide Squad” and “Babylon,” graced the London photocall for the highly anticipated “Barbie” movie yesterday. Embracing an enchanting and vibrant aesthetic, Robbie’s attire showcased an impeccable ensemble exclusively designed by the legendary Vivienne Westwood. Captivating attention from head to toe, she adorned herself with a resplendent two-piece ensemble featuring a striking combination of bright pink hues and captivating floral prints. The ensemble comprised a chic miniskirt complemented by a meticulously tailored corseted jacket.

Incorporating delightful accents of pink, Robbie effortlessly showcased a miniature mohair bag, adorned with Vivienne Westwood’s illustrious silver orb logo, gracefully positioned on the facade of the accessory. To further enhance her glamorous look, the actress adorned herself with an exquisite assortment of silver jewelry, perfectly accentuating her vibrant ensemble. Tying her entire look together, Robbie’s lustrous tresses were styled with a severe side part, meticulously crafted into alluring curls.

Embracing bold fashion choices, the “Barbie” movie star opted for a pair of bubblegum pink mohair platform heels. These remarkable shoes boasted captivating pink mohair-clad toes, secured by slender ankle straps, while their elevated platform soles provided a substantial boost. The impeccable design was completed with 6-inch block heels, ensuring Robbie commanded attention with a mesmerizing sky-high stature.

Overall, Margot Robbie’s appearance at the “Barbie” movie photocall exuded elegance and charm, encapsulating the essence of the event while leaving onlookers captivated by her striking Vivienne Westwood ensemble.

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