Madelyn Cline and Zack Bia Dined at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica

After a long and pleasant dinner, Madelyn Cline and Zack Bia left the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica on Sunday evening, January 16. Rumors about their romance have been circulating for some time. Still, both Zack and Madelyn claim that they are just friends who are always together, and as they both said, they would first inform their fans about their relationships through their Instagram profiles. The beautiful actress looked fabulous wearing a long black leather jacket, a corset that accentuated her abundant cleavage, baggy olive green pants, and bright green and white sneakers. Madelyn complemented her look with a soft make-up palette and delicate silver necklaces, as well as many rings. The Outer Banks actress wore a beautiful purple manicure that matched her complexion perfectly. She looked very moody and smiling as she entered Zack’s black BMW. On the other hand, Zack looked casual in a black t-shirt with a print, ripped jeans, and a black beanie.

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