Lucy Hale Displays her Fit Figure in Activewear as she Takes a Morning Hike

Lucy Hale is back in Los Angeles from a vacation in Cabo San Lucas. The actress was spotted the next morning while training in Studio City. Lucy Hale wore a sleeveless olive crop top from Gymshark with a mesh crescent over her chest and high-waisted matching leggings with black sneakers and strapped black weights around her ankles for a more intense workout. Lucy’s strappy sports crop top revealed a hint of her toned midriff. The Pretty Little Liars star blocked out the sun with a blue LA Dodgers baseball cap and black sunglasses. She brought along the water in a transparent Starbucks cup to stay hydrated, and she carried a small green crossbody hip bag.

Free time! Lucy has more time to concentrate on herself as her Riverdale spin-off series Katy Keene canceled after the first season. Lucy Hale has been very open about her disappointment over the premature ending.

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