Lily Allen in Chic Crop Top and Pencil Skirt After West End Performance

Continuing her procession of fashion prowess, Lily Allen gracefully went off from her Monday night performance of “The Pillowman” in London’s esteemed West End.

The star left onlookers awe-inspired once more, as she donned a haute couture ensemble, showcasing her silhouette through a sophisticated crop top in tandem with a black pencil skirt, as she made her way through the stage door.

A peek of her well-toned midriff was evident, accentuated by the plush, snowy white top adorned with an elegant bow.

Her lustrous blonde tresses were elegantly slicked back, parted neatly in the middle, complementing her attire.

Notably, the statement jumper harmoniously melded with a high-waisted midi skirt and elevated heels.

As a final flourish, Lily embellished her appearance with a resplendent belt and a matching cameo-style choker necklace, thus exuding a sense of splendid charm.

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