Lena Headey is Smiling While She Leaves Gym With her Boyfriend

Lena Headey of Game of Thrones fame looked happy as she leaving a private gym with her new boyfriend, Marc Menchaca. Lena Headey worked up a sweat, and she could be seen holding the leash of her cute dog and the blue blanket. The actress stayed warm in a long-sleeve t-shirt, red pajama bottoms, warm beige beanie, and colorful sneakers. Marc was sported a black baseball cap, black t-shirt, workout pants, and gray Nike sneakers. He was glued to his phone as he trailed Lena, who was glowing as she rocked a funky look with no makeup on her face.

Lena Headey and Marc Menchaca have been seen together numerous times since November, despite rumors that she is moving to LA after leaving the UK following her split from actor Dan Cadan. Lena Headey had been married for only a year.

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