Krysten Ritter Looks Effortlessly Chic in a Sleeveless Top and Denim Skirt

Krysten Ritter was spotted perusing the shelves at a charming LA bookshop this week. The actress kept things casual and breezy in a graphic tee and denim mini, perfect for soaking up the summer sun.

With her signature raven locks flowing loosely, Ritter looked cool and collected behind her mirrored sunnies. Her Joe Walsh band tee and sporty two-tone kicks exuded effortless vibes.

Ritter skipped the flashy handbags and statement jewels, letting her model-off-duty ensemble speak for itself.

While still glam, she kept things low-key and accessible. Ritter proves stars can still be relatable while looking red carpet ready. Her laidback bookstore look was spot on for a relaxed day out.

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