Kendall Jenner Wears a Tight Chic Outfit for a Business Meeting in LA

Kendall Jenner was seen on Wednesday morning, November 23, leaving the office building where the headquarters of her brand-new company, 818 Tequila in Los Angeles, is located. Casual as always, Kendall was dressed in a black and white casual sporty outfit consisting of a black T-shirt that she wore under a cropped quarter zip sweater to show everyone her firm abs and athletic leggings of the same color that was tucked in white socks. The model and businesswoman finishes her outfit with also black and white Nike sneakers and a small black leather purse. Kendall tied her brunette hair into a messy bun and left the building accompanied by her bodyguard, with whom she went to the car. She has multiple businesses of her own, but this one with alcohol is the latest and most lucrative as it was a smash hit with retailers upon its release, and it sold out online within 10 hours.

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