Kaley Cuoco in Skintight Leggings During an Intense Workout

Kaley Cuoco shared some fantastic images on her Instagram account, giving her fans an inside look at one of her workouts with her sister, Briana Cuoco. The exercise took place on an open-air because of the corona pandemic at the basketball court in Kaley’s neighborhood. Kaley Cuoco and her younger sister, Bri Cuoco, demonstrate a few of the exercises that they performed during an intense workout with a famous trainer, Ryan Sorensen. Ryan pushed the sisters to the limits as they do a set of step-ups with a yellow resistance band around their waists. The following are weighted lunges and squats, single-leg balance practice, running and skipping with a resistance band around the ankles. Kaley dressed to work up a sweat in a pair of skintight black leggings that showcased her toned legs. She also wowed a sleeveless striped Nike t-shirt, which she wore tucked into her bottoms. Her footwear was a pair of white Nike sneakers. As for Briana, she donned a similar pair of leggings, a black sports bra, and black Nike sneakers.

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