Jennifer Lopez Gets Hot in Sheer Catsuit with Maluma at 2020 AMAs

J.Lo promised us she would be steamy tonight – and she delivered! There is no better person to invite to a show than J.Lo. Jennifer Lynn Lopez has shaped pop and R&B music in the country since 1999. She also impacted the 2020 AMAs stage in a dark sheer catsuit paired with diamond earrings from JustDesi to kick-start a sensual performance of “Pa Ti.” The singer held the spotlight on the dimly lit stage, which was surrounded by dancers behind cages. The iconic moment sent music theater fans’ hearts soaring since it was unquestionably a wink to the “Cell Block Tango” scene from the Chicago (2002) movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Then, Maluma took the stage in a dark suit to segue into a performance of “Lonely.” Jennifer Lopez joined him on an illuminated table, on which they proceeded to hop on top of and perform a hot performance. The act was reminiscent of Maluma and Lopez’s equally sexy music video for “Pa Ti” and “Lonely” that they released in September.

This is far from her first time at the American Music Awards (although this is J.Lo’s first time at the award show during the pandemic). Jennifer Lopez picked up the award for “Favorite Latin Artist” back in 2007 and 2011, “Favorite Female Artist” in 2003 for the Pop/Rock category, and in 2005 for “Favorite Female Artist” in the Soul/R&B category, making it clear that the “On The Floor” singer is a most valuable player at the AMAs.

American Music Awards 2020: Jennifer Lopez and Maluma performs “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely.”

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