Jennifer Lawrence Posing for Interview Magazine June 2023

In a recent magazine interview, Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz sat down for a delightful and laughter-filled conversation. Lawrence, who is making her comeback in the film industry, discussed her leading role in the R-rated comedy “No Hard Feelings.” The talented actresses emphasized the importance of finding genuinely funny scripts and the thrill of creating laughter on set.

Lawrence gushed about her collaboration with director Gene Stupnitsky, known for his witty alternative lines, despite his seemingly serious demeanor. The duo shared their experiences and the unique satisfaction that comes from being part of a project that genuinely tickles the audience’s funny bone.

Diaz also took the opportunity to inquire about Lawrence’s new role as a mother and her involvement in her production company, Excellent Cadaver. This company focuses on empowering new filmmakers and expanding opportunities in the industry, showcasing Lawrence’s commitment to supporting emerging talent.

Throughout the interview, Lawrence and Diaz displayed a great rapport and camaraderie, with their banter and shared passion for the art of comedy shining through. It’s evident that their conversation was filled with warmth, humor, and a genuine love for the craft of making people laugh.

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