Jennifer Garner’s Daughter is About to Take Her First Driving Lesson

Jennifer Garner was thrilled as she waited to watch her eldest daughter Violet who is now 16 years old, sit behind the wheel. Garner radiated and was all smiling that day as she talked to her daughter’s driving instructor in Brentwood before her daughter’s ride. As usual, the actress looked casual in a tight blue t-shirt and bright jeans while standing with her daughter and talking to a traffic teacher. The actress was holding sunglasses in her hand as she stood with her arms crossed at the foot of the driveway, waiting for her daughter’s turn to get behind the wheel. Jennifer wore her beautiful brown hair loose and sweetly tucked behind her ears, and she wore a watch on her wrist. Garner left without makeup, showing off her age-defying beauty at an important family event while her daughter stood next to her. Violet dressed suitable for the occasion in a gray sweater, blue jeans, and the same sneakers as her mom.

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