Jennifer Garner Shows Off Her Fit Figure on a Run in LA

Jennifer Garner, the 51-year-old American actress, was seen sweating during her jogging activity in Los Angeles on a Monday. The esteemed star’s legs were prominently displayed as she wore black shorts.

As part of her jogging ensemble, the mother-of-three opted for a white tank top, which hugged her figure, subtly revealing a glimpse of a purple sports bra concealed beneath.

To shield her eyes from the intense sunlight, the Alias alum adorned herself with round, black Ray Ban sunglasses.

Originating from Texas, Garner tied her brunette bob into a neat ponytail, ensuring her glossy locks did not obstruct her visage.

During her jog through Santa Monica, the silver screen luminary utilized a solitary white earbud, reserving one ear for situational awareness.

A lightweight black jacket was casually fastened around her hips, complementing her attire, along with a black watch adorning her wrist.

Completing her uncomplicated workout ensemble were a pair of pristine white sneakers.

As her heart rate escalated, she confidently sported a makeup-free countenance beneath her stylish sunglasses.

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