Ivanka Trump Spotted Heading to the Gym in Black Workout Outfit

Ivanka Trump was seen heading to the gym on Friday. She was dressed in a black workout tank top and matching high-waisted leggings, with black sneakers completing her gym attire. She had her hair in a loose braid, sunglasses on, and was carrying a large water bottle.

She was seen taking a phone call after leaving her workout and is regularly spotted going to the gym and driving in matching workout outfits. Now that she is no longer involved in politics, she spends her days working out with her personal trainer.

Ivanka Trump is known for her impeccable fashion sense and athletic physique. She has been a dedicated fitness enthusiast for many years and has a passion for staying in shape. Her commitment to her fitness routine is evident in her toned and sculpted physique, which she is often seen flaunting in her workout outfits.

Ivanka Trump Outfit:

  • Mizuno Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe

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