Hilary Duff Wowed Everyone with Her Wide Smile on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Hilary Duff was sensational as she guest-starred on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday, February 23rd. Hilary was mesmerized with her beautiful wide smile as she wore a black and white plaid dress with a slit to the thighs. The actress combined a dress with a thin black top with long sleeves and black heels. How I Met Your Father star looked incredibly radiant by flawlessly applying a small amount of makeup to match her skin tone as she wore her long blonde hair loose and shaped to fall over her shoulders. Hilary wore a simple black and white diamond necklace, chunky white gold earrings, and a ring with a huge diamond. Hilary Duff finished her look with a beautiful white manicure. During the talk, Kelly Clarkson asked Hilary why she gave birth at home in a bathtub. Duff said that since her first childbirth at the hospital was easy, she realized that her body could handle childbirth at home.

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