Halsey Flashes a Happy Smile in Sports Bra During a Grocery Run

Halsey opted for the casual-but-hot outfit as she wore white sweatpants with a barely-there black sports bra that showcased her toned midriff and tattoos. The singer looked relaxed and makeup-free when she stepped out of the supermarket, pushing a shopping cart full of groceries to the car. Graveyard singer also wore a black LA Lakers baseball cap over her short brown hair and had a small white cross-body purse. During shopping and her walk in the parking lot, she wore a black protective face mask, following the health and safety protocols against the pandemic. Halsey had to postpone her tour in March because of COVID-19. Although Halsey now has more personal time and from the look of her big glowing smile, The singer could not have been happier as she enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.

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3 thoughts on “Halsey Flashes a Happy Smile in Sports Bra During a Grocery Run”

  1. On a hot sunny day in LA, Halsey wears sweatpants. And has erect nipples. I mean, the level of “stare at me” this girl is at exceeds anything I’ve ever seen.



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