Hailey Bieber on the Cover of WSJ Magazine Women’s Fashion Spring 2022

Hailey Bieber graces WSJ. Magazine’s spring 2022 women’s fashion issue. In the cover story for the spring fashion issue of VSJ Magazine, Hailey talked about her marriage to Justin Bieber and having children with him. The model said during an interview that she is in no hurry to have children but added that she and Justin want children but that they will try in a couple of years. Everyone assumes a woman should have kids when she gets married, so she added, “but what about my career, what about the things I still need to achieve?” Hailey explained. Hailey Bieber looked incredibly hot during the photoshoot as she put her toned figure on full display in a variety of attractive pieces, some of which even quite accentuated her abundant cleavage. Justin Bieber’s wife posed in several different looks: hot, chic, street style, elegant, etc. Hailey and Justin met back in 2009.

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  1. She doesn’t want to be stuck raising a kid alone. Sadly, that’s what happens to most of these women. Take Gigi Hadid, for instance. Look at the Kardashians. It’s endless.



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