Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber Sneak Out of Catch Restaurant

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber were spotted as they grabbed dinner at Catch restaurant in West Hollywood. The famous model wore a black strapless top tucked into blue jeans with beige open-toe stilettos. Hailey also wore her new small yellow purse over her shoulder, and she left her blonde hair loose as she and her husband Justin sneaked out on the restaurant’s backdoor. Happily married couple both had face masks over their mouth and nose as a big bodyguard escorted them to their vehicle.

The pop star Justin Bieber opted for a casual outfit that included a black graphic t-shirt by Crenshaw Skate Club underneath a gray hoodie with dark blue basketball shorts – that expose his tattoos – and white Nike sneakers. He kept his famous golden hair hidden beneath a blue Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap. Dangling from his neck was a silver chain that featured a shining cross pendant. He also had studs in his ears. Bieber has back to business and has recently spotted in his recording studio with a fabric face mask from his brand “Drew.”

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