Gemma Arterton on the Cover of Red Magazine January 2021 Issue

Gemma Arterton married Rory Keenan four years after her divorce from Stefano Catelli. Talking to Red magazine, the actress said: “He has the most beautiful soul. He is a good man. I want to feel like I am with someone that is good and makes me feel good.” Gemma said she has never really been interested in being famous. However, she did admit that she nearly gave up her acting career at one point. Gemma continued: “There is this terrible movie called Runner Runner, because of which I just wanted to quit acting after that. I should not have done that movie in the first place,” the actress admitted.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time actress also reflected upon the industry’s lack of women. “I will always remember feeling in my early career like I was in the minority. I have never wanted to court any attention,” the 34-year-old actress said. Gemma Arterton continued: “I am quite a nervous, anxious person, so it would not be safe for me to be continuously in the spotlight all the time.” Gemma Arterton appeared as Strawberry Fields in the Bond film Quantum of Solace. The English actress also starred in the hit television series The Hour. “I was often the only woman on a movie set, and I just thought, “Well, that is s*** because that is not the life I love.” “I had a little bit of belittling, patronizing, over the years, mostly by male actors, who would say something like, “Word of advice” or, “Take it from me.”

The January issue of Red magazine is on sale from 3rd December.

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