Gal Gadot on the Cover of the June Issue of Premiere Magazine

On the cover of French Premiere magazine, Gal Gadot, the head actress of Wonder Woman 1984, will be published on August 12th in France. Inside this June issue, the WW1984 superstar speaks out on this film event, as well as director Patty Jenkins, actor Chris Pine, and actress Kristen Wiig. The stills feature Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) striking a pose in front of familiar-looking screens, while another shot finds the DC Comics hero with her war look on as she unleashes her Lasso of Truth. As things stand, Patty Jenkins’ sequel is set to release in theaters on August 14th, but there is a strong possibility that will change. The Warner Bros studio will reportedly require at least 80% of the world’s theaters to be open for that to happen, and if it does not, WW1984 will launch in December.

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