Emma Watson Wore a Stunning Maxi Dress on a Coffee Date with her Friend

Emma Watson looked terrific when she was seen with a friend in a cafe, enjoying chatting and sipping coffee. Emma attracted the attention of passers-by by looking fabulous in a modest summer floral dress that fully accentuated her cleavage. The Harry Potter star looked retro-cool in a blue dress with pink flowers. The British actress was very smiling, cheerful, and relaxed while enjoying her free time with a friend. After spending the afternoon with her friend, Emma headed alone to her parked car. The Perks of Being a Wallflower star wore minimal makeup as usual and left her chestnut hair loose and straight. Emma wore a gold necklace with a medallion that accentuated her deep neckline even more, and also wore a delicate gold bracelet. The French-born actress highlighted her slender waist with a blue sash. Emma Watson finished her casual summer look with black strappy ancient greek sandals, a red pedicure, and a black leather bag she wore over her right shoulder.

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